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Dec 19, 2018

George Dergaspar, retires after 17 years as a Western Union® agent clerk

Spring is in the air across much of Canada and one of the first things many of us turn to at this time of year is giving our homes – and sometimes our lives – a good cleaning. It’s a time of renewal, after all – when we can make a fresh start to go with the new season.

With rebirth and regrowth in mind, here are some creative ways to clean, purge and reorganize your home in 2017, and get ready for everything the rest of the year has to offer.

Give your things new life – It can be hard to let go of the things we’ve collected in our lives – a favourite shirt, an old bike, a memento from high school – but donating something you haven’t used in years is a great way to make sure it gets loved by someone else, especially if it’s someone who needs it more than you.

Get a lift – Winter in Canada is long. By April, many of us feel like winter has had its day and it’s time for something new, while others may even feel down after so many months of cold, dark days. Clearing out your closets by getting rid of the old is a good way to give your spirits a lift, along with your home.

The more the merrier – Invite your friends and family help you clear out your home this year. See if they need anything you can’t use or if they know someone who does. Play some music, cook up some food, let the kids make a game of it. Who said cleaning couldn’t be fun?!

Yard sale karma – Hold a yard sale for everything you want to clear out and donate all the proceeds to a specific charity. Hang a banner in your yard and post flyers in the neighbourhood to advertise your plan. You might get more shoppers and fewer hagglers when people know the money is going to benefit those less fortunate.

Pick a theme – Prioritize and focus on “bedrooms” or “the kitchen” to start and go from there. Work on organizing one room or set of rooms at a time before moving on to the next. This helps prevent you from getting overwhelmed and giving up, and gives you achievable results that can boost your enthusiasm for keeping it up.

What are your creative ways to stay focused and energetic when you spring clean? Share your tips and photos with us on Facebook and Twitter!