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Aug 6, 2018

George Dergaspar, retires after 17 years as a Western Union® agent clerk

George Dergaspar receiving recognition from Western Union

If you ask George Dergaspar what made him such a fantastic Western Union® agent clerk for the last 17 years, he’ll tell you it was all about treating the people who came into Office Line in Mississauga, Ontario, like more than just consumers.

“They’re like friends or part of the family,” he says. “They would tell me about their family, and I listened to their stories. I had more of a human touch. I’m like this. We are all people, and were are here to care about each other.”

It’s this interest in connecting with his customers, this human touch, that made George one of Western Union’s top performing independent agents for many years in Canada.

Thousands of return customers

George cared about his customers and treated their money as if it was his own, earning him the trust of thousands of return customers, even when his store was one of several agent locations in the neighbourhood.

“Everybody would tell me about their families back home because they trusted me. Instead of going somewhere else, they would come here and ask for George,” he says. “I sympathized with them and got to know them very well. Many times when [customers] would go back home to visit family, they would even buy me something, bring me Jamaican honey or rum – and I don’t even drink rum!”

Looking forward to relaxation

Since he retired at the beginning of December, his former assistant, Rose, took over the agent location – but George has been back now and then to visit with some of his customers. “I’m going to miss them and they’re going to miss me,” he admits, “but now I have to look forward to relaxation.”

For starters, George and his wife, Susan, are flying to Aruba for a week, before heading off to stay in Greece for a while, then visiting Spain and Portugal. Now that he’s retired, George will also get to spend more time with his two sons: Sean, who owns a store that sells remote control devices; and Armen, who works for the Ontario government.

His extended “family” of customers in Mississauga won’t easily forget George and no one at Western Union will either. Good luck, George! And bon voyage!

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